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Complete Post-Construction Cleaning Services:


Our team will reach the most susceptible areas of every house and office first in order to maximize building sanitation and safety. This is done by providing the following primary cleaning services:


  • We carefully dust and clean all blinds and vertical surfaces where contaminants gather.
  • All windows are thoroughly washed and manufacturer labels removed.
  • Windowsills are cleaned and wiped down.
  • Hard-to-reach ceiling fans and lighting fixtures are dusted.


Kitchen Post-Construction Cleaning:


The kitchen is perhaps the most important part of any building that requires detailed post-construction clean-up. Not only are food and beverages prepared in the kitchen, it also acts as a communal space that is shared by a family or coworkers for meals and meetings. We make sure the safety of your food preparation is kept to the highest level of cleanliness by:


  • Thoroughly Cleaning kitchen Cabinets
  • Wiping Down all faucets, fixtures and sinks.
  • Cleaning Out All Drawers.
  • Thoroughly Cleaning all Surfaces of the Oven
  • Washing Down all Countertops
  • Full Refrigerator Cleaning
  • Full Microwave Cleaning


Bathroom Post-Construction Cleaning:


After kitchens, bathrooms are the most important part of a facility that requires post-construction cleaning services. We sanitize and disinfect every surface so tenants do not have to worry about construction materials affecting their day-to-day routines.


  • All tiles are washed down in bathtubs and showers.
  • Shower fixtures, faucets and sinks are wiped down and washed.
  • Glass enclosed showers are thoroughly cleaned.
  • Medicine cabinets, mirrors and other glass surfaces are cleaned.
  • Ceramic and tile surfaces are wiped down and cleaned.
  • Any carpet and upholstery is shampooed and cleaned in order to remove particles hiding within the surface.



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